Andy has provided a range of services to advertising agencies both  in Australia and internationally including 

  • music editing of licensed artist tracks for a musically coherent end result.

  • music supervision & direction for shoots with music based performances as an element.

  • reinterpretation and arrangement of existing well known music tracks to better fit brand styling.

  • sonic branding and integration into an effective package of musical based brand assets.

  • act as liason between the Agency and Record Label/Artist for bespoke music projects.

Highlights include


Andy’s remix of Beyonce’s Diane Warren penned hit ‘I was here’ was included as part of her World Humanitarian Day project in conjunction with the United Nations and Droga 5. Andy was the only Australian music producer included on the release.


Acting as liason between the Agency and Macy Gray for a re-recording of an original track. After preproduction meetings we formulated a written brief and handled musical communications with Macy and her manager Merc Mecuriadis to then rerecord the song to brief in the US. Stems (submixes of the various instrument groups and vocals) were then brought back to Australia and edited then mixed by Andy to fit the visuals.


Creating and recording an alternate introduction to Dido’s ‘White Flag’ with appropriate instrumentation and structuring for the piece to seamlessly mesh with the original artist’s recording to brief. This formed the body of several TVC’s featuring the music for Worksafe.


Mixing of Alex Lloyd’s ‘Brand New Day’ from the original multitrack files for TVC use. This included communicating with the label Sony BMG to obtain the original music files and matching the quality of work provided by the original US mix engineer Bob Clearmountain. From there the track was edited in it’s multitrack form to suit the visuals and mixed to master stage and sent to the UK for artist approval before being finalised.

Reinterpretation of the Masters Apprentices classic hit ‘It’s because I love you’.

We have arranged and recorded 2 versions of this classic to suit ongoing brand campaign requirements. A classical version was produced using a string octet made up of players from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and featuring the vocals of Australian chanteuse Lilleth Lane. A follow up version targeted at the youth market was produced in a pop rock style for use on Channel 9’s The Voice and further TVCs.